Tuesday, October 21, 2008

# 72 Spades

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*smiles to self*

curiouser and curiouser...

It can be amazing what speaks through us. 72 huh?

Spades is the equivalent to Swords in the tarot.

"The 7 of swords speaks about the things that we are afraid of. Some fears are very natural and healthy, indicating dangers we should rightly be wary of. These are the fears that keep us safe.

However, often many of our fears are self created. They are the things that prevent us from enjoying life to the full. Fear can make us cut ourselves off from the world and withdraw into ourselves. Fear can make us suspicious of others; we imagine thieves and imminent betrayals all around us. We begin to only see the bad in the world. We feel ourselves becoming paralyzed by the gloom we perceive.

The 7 of swords asks us to look at the ways in which we are limiting ourselves through the terrors of our own imaginations. It asks us to recognise what it is that prevents us from realizing our dreams and inspirations.

And then, this card asks us to open our eyes and see things as they really are. Not scary and dangerous after all, but full of possibility and hope. It is then that are able to take action!"

And the 2:
Card meaning: "My interpretation is that the person we usually see there is far stronger in heart and mind than they think and that the blindfold will fall if they choose to."