Sunday, September 28, 2008

# 49 Creation & Completion

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Read up on a some numerology today, and found out 4 is for creation, and 9 is for completion. As an example I Created this logo for my internet persona, and I Completed it by getting a T shirt printed with the logo on it.

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Anonymous said...

I work with a different numerological system derived from the Tantric Dakini Oracle.

In this systems 49 is Cutting Through, it represents a choice of liberation as an active process, cutting away all in life that hinders this liberation. It often indicates resolve and resolution to an issue that has been troubling the person. Decisive right action is emphasized.

49 reduces to 13 Death/Transfiguration. This indicates that this decision in 49 will lead to apparent and obvious change, with the influence stretching out to all spheres of life.

13 further reduces to 4 Hot Seat, meaning the person is put in a position on authority. This is generally uncomfortable at first, forcing the person to rise to the occasion and accept the increased responsibilities.